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Find Out How Much Home You Can Afford BEFORE You Fall in Love on Zillow!

Home sellers are kinda like the rest of us…

Our friends at OpenListings shared a super helpful mortgage article that inspired us to breakdown three simple reasons WHY it’s important to get pre-approved before you shop for a home:

Are you good for it?

Homer simpson getting pre-declined

Home sellers are kinda like the rest of us…always looking for (pre) approval. Offers from pre-approved buyers carry more weight…because a home finance professional is putting their stamp on what the buyer can afford.



Falling out of love ain’t pretty

ralph wiggum heartbreak


Sure it’s fun to play “make believe”, but generally it’s better to know your budget before you fall in love with a home. Even better yet before your significant other and/or kids fall in love with a home.



The future depends on what you do today

Marge Simpson Gambling


There are always ways to improve your finances so you can hit your home ownership goals. Common examples are credit repair and paying off debt. Uncommon examples (aka not recommended) are gambling and ignoring your taxes. To get beyond the obvious advice, consult a mortgage expert (ahem!)



Your Girl is Sixteen ??!


*well my business is sixteen – so don’t look at me that way, ok? ?

Before we cut the cake, I just want to fill you in. There’s tons to share both personally *ahem ?* and professionally (…seen my badass new website?) and I realize that I’ve been a jerk and haven’t kept you in the loop.

Well I aim to change that moving forward. I’m committing to regularly sharing fun and valuable info that I come across. It’ll be a combo of real estate intel that may save you serious cash + my usual rants on what’s making me hungry, thirsty, and/or sleepy this week.

So if you don’t already follow me on Facebook or Instagram, please do! Don’t worry though, I don’t plan on tweeting. I haven’t tweeted since January 2017, which is coincidentally the same weekend I started dating my hubby… and I ain’t risking disturbing the cosmic balance there ⚖ Even at sixteen, I’m too tired to get back on tinder.

Yes, its true. I got hitched last month. It was a magical day filled with family and friends and oh so much love. ?

Lastly, I wanna hear from you! What’s been going on in your world? What intel should I be sharing with peeps so they can better achieve their goals?? What’s making you hungry?! Let’s talk, fam!

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Now, please help me blow out my Sixteen Candles…even if you were more of a Breakfast Club fan. ?



3 Things We ❤️ NOW: Joymode, Oktoberfest, and Keroppi

Did you know about Joymode? Their motto is: Experience everything. Own nothing. You can rent those items that you could never justify buying (Outdoor Pizza Oven…perhaps one day ?). They’ll drop it off, pick it up, and handle all the cleaning. Not only do they give you everything needed to throw amazing events like a Backyard Movie Night or a Beach Day, but this Halloween they’ll be stocked with all the essentials*.

*Pumpkin Spice is NOT an essential for Halloween so don’t get me started


The Definitive Los Angeles and Orange County Oktoberfest Guide ???

Q (In My Jerry Seinfeld Voice): Why do they call if Oktoberfest if it starts in September??

A: The first Oktoberfest (in 1810) was such a success the celebration became an annual festival…and over time, the starting dates were moved into September because the days were longer and the weather was warmer. Kinda like how Starbucks introduces the Gingerbread and Eggnog Lattes sooner and sooner every year.


Sip Tea or Craft Cocktails Along With Hello Kitty in Irvine

Props to Sanrio for playing that long game. They had me spending half my allowance on super cute Keroppi ? (Team Hello Bai Kitty ?) erasers in the 90s (don’t be tryna calculate my age now) and now they’re coming back for the rest of my money with this new Sanrio themed cocktail bar in Irvine!

3 Things We ❤️ NOW: Farmhouse Kitchens, Remodeled Bathrooms, and BYOB*

Dream Farmhouse Kitchen – Yeehaw!

Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas on a Budget: Okay truth be told…I am much more of a city gal, but I gotta tip my hat ?to Remodelaholic and Kristin from Postbox Designs for this article showing that my Farmhouse Kitchen dreams may actually be within reach ?????





Remodeled Bathroom Sanctuary!


Bathroom Remodel Inspiration: Ugh so now that I have to share a bathroom (albeit with my fiiiiine ass hubby ??) I need to make sure that what I’m losing in sink counter real estate, I’m making up for in STYLE ??. This bathroom remodel guide couldn’t have come at a better time y’all!




LACMA Jazz in Los Angeles

Jazz at LACMA Series: Outdoor Music + BYOB* + Free?? Move over J-Lo and Lebron because that’s a serious triple threat contender, right here on Fairfax and Wilshire Blvd!

*I thiiiiink there’s a silent B in “Negroni” right ??

Julie was a breath of fresh air. She’s smart, experienced, easy to communicate with
If you're in the market for a mortgage broker... seriously, look no further

medium bust image of a thinking man looking at tech tools haloing around him with yelp elite logo
My hubby and I worked with Julie to purchase our first home and it was awesome
We actually screened a bunch of lenders before we decided to work with Julie, and we are really happy we did the research. Julie kept the process simple for us.    

She was able to help us understand the entire process
I would say without her and her team we probably would have lost our minds worrying over every little thing but she was able to help us every step of the way.

Julie!!!!!! You are the!
You made it happen! When others always denied us... Thank you so much for helping us refinance our home! You are a miracle woman!

Her professional yet enthusiastic demeanor immediately put us at ease
...and actually turned an intimidating process into an exciting one. She sent us frequent updates, answered our questions quickly and thoroughly, coordinated with our realtor and escrow and just overall made everything run so smoothly.

THANK YOU JULIE AND TEAM for everything!
Julie not only gave us a great new rate, lower monthly payment but also the confidence that we were in great hands.

Julie is a ROCKSTAR!!!
This has been a positive experience from day one. Julie walked us through the process and was extremely communicative!


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